Tragedy hits former politician Tommy Sheridan as mum dies in house fire

Tragedy hits former politician Tommy Sheridan as mum dies in house fire

FORMER Member of Scottish Parliament Tommy Sheridan has paid tribute to his mother who tragically died in a house fire last night.

Mr Sheridan, who was a Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) MSP for Glasgow from 1999 to 2007, revealed this morning that his 84-year-old mother Alice Sheridan had perished in a blaze at her flat on Invergyle Drive in Cardonald.

Posting his tribute on Twitter and Facebook, the die-hard Celtic fan said: “It is with great regret and broken hearts that myself and my two sisters Lynn and Carol have to inform our friends that our mum has sadly been taken from us last night.

"The circumstances surrounding her death are still being investigated but sadly she was claimed by a fire in her flat on Invergyle Drive in Cardonald.”

He added: "Alice Sheridan was an incredible mum to us but also a very proud grandmother, great-grandmother, mother-in-law, sister, aunt and friend to many.

"She was Govan born and bred and fought injustice all her life."

Mr Sheridan, an avid campaigner for Scottish independence, who founded the Solidarity party in 2006 after leaving the SSP, went on praise his mum today for her "pioneering work" over many years.

"She was a passionate trade unionist and socialist who believed a better world was possible if enough of us fought for it,” he said.

“Her work with bar staff to organise them into a union and secure better wages and conditions was inspiring,” the Celtic fan explained.

“Her efforts to support the battered wives movement and secure trade union backing for a refuge is a matter of record and source of pride,” he added.

"Her pioneering work with child and adult victims of sexual abuse while employed by the Royal Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (RSSPCC) was ground breaking and a source of help for several hundreds.

"Her role in the titanic battle against Thatcher's poll tax was critical and pivotal in the success of that campaign. Her commitment to Scottish independence and opposition to the poisonous Murdoch media empire was peerless.”

Signing off, he said: “She was some wummin.

"This contribution is painful to write but Alice will never be forgotten and her spirit will live on in our hearts and all those hearts of people who believe in fighting injustice and standing up against poverty and the abuse of power. Rest In Eternal Peace Mum. RIP Alice Sheridan."