TUC leader O'Grady addresses Vatican today

TUC leader O'Grady addresses Vatican today


THE “global titans of technology” are forcing workers into a form of slavery, Frances O’Grady General Secretary of the British Trades Union Congress (TUC) will tell Catholic and labour movement leaders at the Vatican today (Friday).

According to The Guardian newspaper, she is attending a two-day meeting of trade unionists and Catholic leaders, led by Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana. Frances O’Grady is a Catholic of Irish heritage, born in Oxford and one of five children.

The purpose of the meeting, which has the full support of Pope Francis, is to hear about injustices suffered by working people. The symposium will consider how best trade unions and the Catholic Church can work together to achieve greater social justice. Recently, Pope Francis has castigated trades unions for failing to fight for workers, women’s rights and immigrants.

Ms O’Grady, will announce that inequality, conflict and climate change are threatening world peace and prosperity. She will also speak about the growing threat of technology concentrating wealth at the expense of working people.

The trades union leader will also condemn tax avoidance with specific reference to companies such as Apple, Facebook and Google, while at the same time identifying worker exploitation by firms such as Uber and Amazon.