‘Unprofessional’: Irish public slams new baseball caps being trialled by gardaí

‘Unprofessional’: Irish public slams new baseball caps being trialled by gardaí

THE Irish public have branded new baseball caps being trialled by gardaí officers as ‘too casual’ and ‘unprofessional’ to be worn by on-duty officers.

As of this week 100 police officers across Ireland are wearing the new caps in a pilot of the new operational uniform.

Three stations are taking part in the four-week trial of two styles of cap, which began yesterday, Ballinasloe in Co. Galway, Terenure, in Dublin and Bantry in Cork.

“The pilot will include two sample caps: a soft baseball cap for two weeks followed by a further two-week pilot of a ‘bump stop’ cap,” a gardai spokesperson confirmed.

“Following the four-week pilot period, a survey of the 100 Gardaí involved will be undertaken,” they explained.

“One element of the survey will be to capture any public commentary on the caps. The feedback of the associations will also be obtained.”

Gardaí are trialling the new baseball caps over the next four weeks

The public have already responded to the new look in their droves, with many claiming it to be “too casual” and “unprofessional” while others questioned the timing of the pilot given the recent riots in Dublin.

Responding to the force’s call for public feedback, Ed O’Flaherty said: “They are a terrible design. They look very unprofessional for a police force.”

“God this looks to cheap, the current Garda hats look vert smart and distinctive,” Tom O’Hanlon said.

Michael O’Mahoney slammed the look for being “too casual” adding: “It lacks the authority of the traditional Garda cap.”

Elsewhere Robert Shaw claimed the proposed new look was the “beginning of the end”.

“Once the unform goes so does the respect and disciplines”, he added.

Marie Burke claimed “they are terrible”, before asking: “Why would anyone think an American baseball style hat is appropriate head great for the Garda?”

For financial economist Pawel Fiedor the timing of the trial was the issue.

“The city was on fire a week ago and the lads are testing baseball caps, keeping people safe one baseball hat at a time,” he wrote.

Jeff Rudd added: “This will really have the trouvlemakers shaking in their boots, I despair.”