‘I want to be around’ – Irish singer Brian Kennedy speaks frankly ahead of cancer surgery

‘I want to be around’ – Irish singer Brian Kennedy speaks frankly ahead of cancer surgery

IRISH singer Brian Kennedy has spoken of his fears ahead of cancer surgery, but said having the option of going under the knife was ‘a godsend’.

Belfast native Kennedy, 52, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer two years ago.

In a frank interview today, he told Ray D’Arcy on RTÉ Radio 1 that he will now have surgery having exhausted every option.

'I've tried everything'

“I’ve tried everything that there is to try,” he told D’Arcy. “The herbal approach, the green diet… cannabis oil I still take now.

“I’ve tried everything there is to try out there but slowly and surely the tumour was getting a little thicker.”

Kennedy will fly to London on Friday ahead of the eight-hour operation on Monday, which will be followed by 19 days of recovery in hospital.

The singer said he was scared, having never gone under the knife before, while he admitted his apprehension at having to wear a colostomy bag.

The operation will also cost him around £100,000 as he revealed he didn’t have the correct insurance.

'I have options'

However having lost a friend to a brain tumour and his brother to cancer two years ago, Kennedy said he was ‘lucky’ to have the option of surgery.

“Obviously it changes everything, it will impact my intimate life, as they say,” said Kennedy.

“But at the same time I want to be around.

“Ultimately the survival technique kicks in more importantly than anything else.”

He added: “I have options, After two years I have an option like this and I think that’s a godsend. I really feel lucky, honestly I do.

“I’m looking forward to not being in discomfort, for there finally to be a close on this chapter and then an opening to a brand new chapter of life living with colostomy.”


Kennedy added that following the surgery, he was keen to talk about his cancer battle and life with a colostomy bag to help educate and support others.

He urged others, especially men, to put their embarrassment aside and get checked out.

“Just put the mortification to one side and find out what‘s really going on,” he said.

Kennedy’s Better Man Ball in Dublin on December 21, to help raise funds for his treatment, will feature performances from The Script, The Coronas, Picture This and Gavin James.