A body launguge expert has claimed that Tyson Fury’s ‘emotional state’ could hand a Dillian Whyte shock victory

A body launguge expert has claimed that Tyson Fury’s ‘emotional state’ could hand a Dillian Whyte shock victory

 A BODY language expert has claimed that Tyson Fury’s ‘emotional state’ could hand Dillian Whyte a shock victory.

'The Gypsy King'(Fury) faces the 'Bodysnatcher'(Dillian Whyte) in one of the biggest British heavyweight fights in the modern era.

The talk around the fight has all been around Daniel Kinahan and his MTK links.

MTK ceased operations during the week after the US Government placed a $5million bounty on Daniel Kinahan, Christy Kinahan, and Christy Kinahan Jr last week.

Fury's relationship with Kinahan (Daniel) is well documented and this week was brought up in an interview with Sky Sports.

He walked away after being pressed about the links to the Irishman and said he would not be doing any more interviews with them. 

Fury said:

"I think it's going to be a great fight that night. I'm not here to talk politics, war or religion with you, trying to probe for me to say something", he told Sky. 

"I'm not interested in others' concerns. Don't care, none of my business." 

"I'm a boxing man and I've got a fight to think about", enough said.

"Thank you very much and I won't be doing any more interviews with Sky". 

Darren Stanton is a former police officer with Derbyshire police with a degree in psychology, who used his expertise to uncover the truth when interviewing hundreds of suspects.

He later moved into media and TV as a consultant, being dubbed the “Human Lie Detector” 

He gave his take on the interview, 

“Tyson starts to unravel when he's pressed about his involvement with Daniel Kinehan", Staunton claimed. 

"It’s evidently playing on his mind personally and professionally as we didn't really see the normal level of showmanship we see in other interviews. "

“When quizzed on the matter, he flashed an angry micro-expression at the interviewer, where his forehead wrinkled, his eyes squinted and his lips pierced.

"At one point, he also expressed a look of disgust, which is when the nose crinkles like when we have smelt a bad smell."

“I am not suggesting he has done anything wrong, but  I do believe this is not the Tyson we are used to seeing when being interviewed by the press."

"He clearly has something on his mind."

"This interview was devoid of the normal bravado, showmanship and banter we are used to seeing from him.”

Here is the full fight card for Saturday:

  • Tyson Fury vs. Dillian Whyte (WBC and Ring Magazine world heavyweight titles)
  • Anthony Cacace vs. Jhonatan Romero
  • Isaac Lowe vs. Nick Ball
  • David Adeleye vs. Chris Healey
  • Tommy Fury vs. Daniel Bocianski
  • Karol Itauma vs. Michał Ciach
  • Royston Barney Smith vs. Michael Walton