Celtic fan Chris Sutton has told Rangers fans in Seville 'don't do anything naughty' in a parody video

Celtic fan Chris Sutton has told Rangers fans in Seville 'don't do anything naughty' in a parody video

RANGERS WILL play in the Europa League Final on Wednesday against Eintracht Frankfurth and former players have pleaded on the club's social media channels asking fans to 'behave'.  

The likes of Graeme Souness, Richard Gough and Ian Durrant have all sent pleas to fans to represent the club in the best manner.  

Rangers last two European cup finals have been marred in violence. These include the 1972 European Cup Winners' Cup final victory over Dynamo Moscow.

The Gers were banned from European competition for a year after fans clashed with Spanish police on the Nou Camp pitch.  

There were also violent scenes in Manchester city centre in 2008 after an estimated 200,000 fans travelled south ahead of Rangers' UEFA Cup final defeat by Zenit St Petersburg. 

Souness said: "Have a party but make sure you behave yourself because you're going there as an ambassador for our football, our great football club, the great Glasgow Rangers. 

"You must go there and behave otherwise we'll get all the trashy headlines which will damage us for a long, long time. Please go there and behave yourselves and have a super time." 

These videos have been labelled as patronising by some Rangers fans and have been mocked by rivals' fans. 

One of these fans is former Celtic striker Chris Sutton, who posted a parody of Souness, Gough and Durrant's videos. 

Sutton is a well-known Celtic fan and could not stop himself from poking fun at the Scottish champions rivals.  

Posting on his own social media account, wearing a Celtic top the pundit said" "Hello there to all the Rangers fans out there in Seville. I'm just following on from the messages from Graeme Souness, Ian Durrant and Richard Gough. 

"Please just behave out in Seville and try not to let yourselves down. 

"Okay, come on, do the right thing guys. Be good and behave - and don't do anything naughty out there. Okay?" 

Fans on social media have taken issue with Ranger's pleas, while others have understood why the club are so keen to remind people to behave 

One account said: Nah I’m not having it. While the sentiment may be right - it’s a patronizing message which is embarrassing in itself. 

One user also said: These videos are clearly an arse covering exercise so if and when it all goes wrong Rangers can say they did everything they could to prevent trouble. But they are so on the nose. 

The Europa League final kicks off 20.00 on Wednesday.