Chairman O'Sullivan thanks GAA president O'Fearghail for defending London

Chairman O'Sullivan thanks GAA president O'Fearghail for defending London

London County Board chairman Noel O’Sullivan has thanked GAA president Aogan O’Fearghail for ‘defending’ the Exiles recently.

“On behalf of the Board in London I’d like to sincerely thank him for his kind words defending London recently regarding comments that were made on The Sunday Game,” O’Sullivan said on Monday at the launch of Irish TV’s naming rights deal at Ruislip.

“On behalf of London I’d really like to thank you very much for defending London.”

O’Fearghail also spoke about the issue during his address.  “This happens when you are GAA President.  When you are president of the GAA you get drawn into controversy.  I did get drawn into recent controversy in relation to pundits and what they say.  I don’t mind repeating it.

“When you attack a member of the GAA that is no harm.  We don’t mind that, but other members of the panel should defend, but when everybody on the panel stays silent, and when nobody says anything that is wrong.

“As president of the GAA all I said was that on The Sunday Game it was very wrong that London GAA were considered as dismissed.

“That they shouldn’t be there, that they had no right to be there.  Nobody else said anything, the moderator said nothing.  All I did as president of the GAA was say that was wrong.”

O’Fearghail is adamant that London have an important role to play in the All Ireland championships.

“It should never be that London should be dismissed.  London has as much right to be part of the All Ireland championship as any other county.  Whether you win or lose London has a right to be there.

“You will always be part of the GAA for the simple reason you belong.  You are part of the GAA.  Regardless of other people’s opinions on how well you do or don’t do you are welcome in the GAA Championship.  You are always going to be part of it and long may that continue and I will support you in that.”