Chloe Mustaki believes that Ireland's landmark win this week could have a huge effect on women's football in Ireland

Chloe Mustaki believes that Ireland's landmark win this week could have a huge effect on women's football in Ireland

IRELAND'S CHLOE MUSTAKI believes that Ireland's landmark win this could propel Ireland's WNL's to new heights. 

Ireland, this week reached their first ever World Cup after beating Scotland 1-0 in Glasgow. Amber Barrett's late winner this week meant that Ireland sealed their place in the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand in 2023 

Like England's Euro's win last summer, Mustaki believes that the current women's league in Ireland can accelerate to a stronger position now that the women's team have paved the way. 


The 27-year-old Bristol City player speaking to the Irish Mirror during the week said: "It can do an awful lot."  

"If you see the progress that has been made since those talks back in 2017, having narrowly missed out through the Euros and then qualifying now, hopefully there will be a lot more resources put in here. 

"But parents will probably be more willing to push young girls into women’s football because they can realistically dream of making a major tournament every couple of years now that we have reached that milestone. 

"Hopefully now, that can be the norm - girls can dream of being professional football players and make a living from it, and not worry financially will I be able to support a family and all the rest. 

"I think qualification will be of major benefit. Hopefully, we’ve inspired enough young girls to keep at it because there are some drop out rates when you get to teenage years, but hopefully there are enough reasons to stay in the game. 

The Ireland player didn't play on Tuesday but is backing the challenge of getting on the plane, when Vera Pauw announces her squad for the tournament down under next year. 

However, disappointing it may be to miss out on a place next year, Mustaki's admitted she will back her teammates if she doesn't make the final squad 

"I don’t know how many players get to go but it’s going to be an absolute battle to be on that plane," she admitted. 

"But we’ve such great character and camaraderie within the squad that, although it will be hard if you’re not on that plane, it is what it is and we’ll back the girls who go all the best." 

The draw for the World Cup takes place on Saturday October 22 at the Aotea Centre in Auckland, with proceedings getting under way at 7.30am UK and Irish time.