Conor McGregor backs down in Tyson Fury social media spat

Conor McGregor backs down in Tyson Fury social media spat

CONOR MCGREGOR's social media spat with boxing's heavy-weight champion Tyson Fury has come to an end after a video of the UFC fighter praising Fury in an interview appeared online. 

The pair went back and forth on social media over the weekend, with the Dubliner calling out Fury's praise of Khabib Nurmagomedov, McGregor's old rival, who has since left the UFC.

Nurmagomedov beat Mcgregor with the fourth round submission via neck crank and was often on the end of the Crumlin natives sharp tongue.

McGregor called out Fury for avoiding the Canelo Alvarez vs Billy Joe Saunders ringside brawl last year.

McGregor said:

"Yup, the Joyces. Big Joe! U bottled it with Billy joe Da, what were you doing there ? U Left him, Versace t*** U. Done. Nothing, McGregor said on Twitter.

"Ya’s did it right he right hahahaha. Even when I’m wrong I'm right. Who did it right ? The Mac daddy tonight, in the house. Miami d12! Bahamas."

Fury hit back with his own reply and said"

"Come back when u win a fight," he said. "And the difference between me and you is I don't get myself in trouble and people actually like me, you're just a bully who hit an old man."


He then bring up the Dubliners losses to rivals Nurmagomadev and Nate Diaz.

"[Conor McGregor ] has done more Tapping than MJ's old dance shoes," he said.

The spat came to a quick end when a fan site dug up an interview with McGregor received praise from Fury during his early days

He said:

"Conor McGregor is MMA, isn't he? That's it. I couldn't name you three more fighters in MMA, I just couldn't."

McGregor did a 180 on his stance and thanked Fury for his kind words

"It’s all good, we forget it. Fair play Tyson. God bless ya mate."

Fury will fight mandatory challenger Dillian Whyte next and could even fight the winner of Anthony Joshau and Oleksandr Usyk after.