England prop Ellis Genge gets away with elbowing Johnny Sexton

England prop Ellis Genge gets away with elbowing Johnny Sexton

IRELAND ABSOLUTELY dominated England in our final Six Nations game on Saturday.

The final score was 32-18, but in reality it could have been even more, with the lads in green coming up with some really incredible moments of creativity from start to finish.

And given the immense performance put in by each and every one of the Irish players, you may be forgiven for missing quite a nasty moment in the 77th minute as the game drew to a close.

England prop Ellis Genge could be seen seemingly elbowing Johnny Sexton a number of times, though it went unpunished by the referee on the day.

Since then, somewhat surprisingly, a Six Nations spokesperson has confirmed that the incident has not been officially cited by the commissioner for last weekend’s game, and thus no further action will be taken.

Many have taken to social media to complain about the lack of a punishment, particularly given the increased scrutiny on head injuries across rugby and other sports.

It is also made slightly more pressing by the fact that Sexton has suffered with head injuries and concussions in the past.

Reports emerged just over a month ago that Ireland's kicker has had 30 concussions across his playing career.