Fred gives an insight into what the Manchester United players think of Roy Keane giving them grief

Fred gives an insight into what the Manchester United players think of Roy Keane giving them grief

ROY KEANE isn't one to mince his words when it comes to talking about Manchester United and it's current squad. 

The former Manchester United skipper has let the players know what he thinks of them on more than once occasion.

Last year after United lost 1-0 to Tottenham, Keane said:

"I would be fighting him at half time. I would be swinging punches at this guy", speaking on David de Gea and Harry Maguires mistake. "This is a standard save for an established international goalkeeper.

"I am flabbergasted. There's got to be some stuff going on at half-time. If I was Ole, make some changes, get some lads off the pitch.

"Man United, Maguire and De Gea, I wouldn't even let them on the bus after the match. Get a taxi back to Manchester. These are established international players. You do your job - we're trying to get the top four. God forbid about winning trophies."

One player who always finds himself under fire from pundits and fans is Fred. The Brazilian was signed for £50m and has had an up and down time at the club.

Fred scored United's third goal against Leeds last weekend and knows that Keane has never been a fan of him.

Fred was asked about the flak he gets from pundits like Keane and fans and told TNT Sports: "

They had many moments of glory for United and now they’re paid to give opinions, so I’m fine with it.

It’s their job and it’s their right to do so. I don’t agree with it but it’s their opinion.

"I’m not confrontational, I’ve heard a lot of negative comments about me, always negative, but I won’t say anything back. My focus is to work on the pitch."

Fred seems to brush off Keane's harsh words with ease and his midfield partner Scott McTominay doesn't seem to be too fazed by the Corkmans comments either

Keane last year said that the pair will not bring success back to Old Trafford.

"As long as those two are playing in midfield for Manchester United, they will not be winning big trophies," he said

And McTominay held similar sentiments to Fred when he was asked what he made of Keane's comments in the past.

The Scotland international replied and said :

“What did he say?”

“I didn’t see it, but it doesn’t ­matter. People talk. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and you have to respect that.

“But I’m not going to spit my dummy out and cry over ­something Roy Keane says. If that’s what he thinks, then that’s what he thinks.

“For me, it isn’t a drama. I’d be a fool if I went home worrying about what people think about me.”

Manchester United play Atlético de Madrid in the first leg of the Champions League tonight at the  Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, so tonight will be a golden opportunity for Fred and Mctominay to shut Keane up for a while.