Frimpong to make return at Oktagon 52 in Newcastle

Frimpong to make return at Oktagon 52 in Newcastle

Irish MMA fighter Denis Frimpong will make his return to the OKTAGON MMA cage on Saturday, January 27th, at OKTAGON 52 in Newcastle.

The flashy Irish striker made a name for himself on Europe’s premier promotion on the reality TV show, OKTAGON Challenge: England vs. Ireland. Frimpong’s sharp tongue and sharper striking split opinion, with many thinking his trash talking and antics went too far on the show.

Despite the outside of the cage antics, Frimpong made it to the OKTAGON Challenge final, where he was ultimately defeated by George Staines at OKTAGON 48 in Manchester.

Frimpong is looking to bounce back at OKTAGON 52 against the vastly more experienced Jan Siroky. Frimpong (1-2) will take a step up in competition as he takes on a top-15-ranked Siroky, who has 28 fights in his professional career (12-16).

The Dublin native began training in jiu-jitsu at the age of 22 after dropping out of university and revealed he only became serious about a future in MMA during lockdown.

Frimpong in action

“I started jiu-jitsu at 22, and my ambitions weren’t really in MMA, to be honest,” he said.

“I wanted to become a world champion in jiu-jitsu. It was only during COVID at the age of 26 that I decided to jump into MMA.

“It was through training during COVID with some professional MMA fighters that fought on Bellator and Cage Warriors and doing really well with them on the feet with maybe a year or so of striking and coming from a jiu-jitsu background that I knew that I could submit them if we got to the ground.

“That was a big part of what made me take the jump from Brazilian jiu-jitsu to MMA. I think it’s just something that came to me naturally.

“I was always the type to get into fights as a youngster before MMA. So, MMA just helped me not get into fights on the street, but I’ve always maintained that fighting spirit.”

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