Graeme Souness has been slammed for his 'man's game' comments on Sky Sports yesterday

Graeme Souness has been slammed for his 'man's game' comments on Sky Sports yesterday

YESTERDAY SKY Sports pundit Graeme Souness came under intense criticism for comments made after Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur's 2-2 draw on Sunday.  

The Scot was speaking about the game and mentioned how ferocious and venomous the game was. 

Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte got involved in a heated exchange s after the high-tempered contest ended. 

Souness said: " Referees are letting a lot more go and it makes for a better watch. We’ve all played the game, with simulation and people throwing themselves into the ground. I haven’t seen that in the two games today. It’s a man's game all of a sudden now." 

The former Liverpool boss sitting beside former England international Karen Carney used the term "boys will be boys" when asked about the managers conduct after the game. 

Carney has won 142 caps for her country

A bemused Carney could be seen on camera after the comments.  

This all comes after England's women's team won their maiden European Championship last month. Increased coverage and exposure have never been higher in women's football. 

Souness was slammed by fans and pundits for his comments. He was described as a 'dinosaur' by many online. 

"Graeme Souness calling it a man's game whilst sat next to Karen Carney ex England footballer and after England women just won the euro. Get this dinosaur off our screens man," said one user.  

“It’s a man’s game” “Men at it” Get in the bin. what a disgraceful thing to say after the summer this country has just seen, said England international Bethany England 

Whilst others defended Souness saying that it was in fact a man's game that had just taken place. 

Broadcaster Piers Morgan said: "I’m outraged & disgusted that Graeme Souness used the words ‘man’s game’ when talking specifically about an incident in a man’s game played by two teams of men. Especially when we’ve all spent the past few weeks talking about the ‘women’s game.’ 

"Are we seriously having a debate about souness analysing a men's footie match after he called it a man's game? Seriously? How have we allowed the woke this voice? Sad times" 

Souness himself has also backed his stance and told Jim White on Talksport that he did not regret the words used, and explained the context 

"No. Not a word of it. Let me explain. I've been advocating for years; the referees have such a major part to play the success of the Premier League. We were fast approaching, we were fast becoming like other leagues, the game didn't flow, and it wasn't a very good watch," he said.  

"Our game has always been unique, we has always been more meaty, more intense, more in your face and we got away from that. I think yesterday, my comments yesterday, we've got our game back, that's the kind of playing football I remember playing in." 

"We've got our game back, I enjoyed two games of football where men were playing men and they got about themselves at times, and they got about each other."