Harry Maguire liked a post about Cristiano Ronaldo being ‘upset’ by a wage cut', Maguire said 'he liked post in error'

Harry Maguire liked a post about Cristiano Ronaldo being ‘upset’ by a wage cut', Maguire said 'he liked post in error'

MANCHESTER UNITED captain Harry Maguire has said that his like on an Instagram post about Cristiano Ronaldo's wages was 'done in error.' 

Ronaldo's potential exit has been the talk of social media over the last few days and there has been reports that Portuguese superstar will receive a reduction in wages due to United's failure to reach next year's Champions League. 

The post from the popular Instagram account Sportbible was posted with the caption detailing the reduced salary for next year.  

'Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly ‘upset’ with the 25% wage cut all players received when Manchester United failed to qualify for next season’s Champions League,' read the post. 

'The five-time Ballon d’Or winner will see his £480,000-a-week salary reduced to £360,000 as United play in the Europa League.' 

United's captain's like of the post was spotted by Manchester United fans and within hours a reason was revealed for the accidental post.  

Fans of the club were quick to call out Maguire for the error 

One account said: 'Not only is Harry Maguire an above average and limited footballer, he's also the worse captain in Manchester United's History. Wanting Ronaldo out is fine, however many need to go before him.' 

Another added: 'I’ve never seen a player as hated by his club’s fanbase as Harry Maguire is by Manchester United fans.' 

According to BBC Sport the report read: 'It was not entirely clear whether Maguire was equally unhappy or having some fun at his team-mate’s expense because the remaining 75% means Ronaldo is ‘only’ getting around £360,000-a-week. However, BBC Sport has been told Maguire liked the story in error and it has now been removed.' 

Manchester United's second set of players returned to training this week and Ronaldo has not returned due to 'personal family reasons'  

It is expected that he will not be part of Manchester United's tour to Thailand and Australia when the side leave on Friday.  

Chelsea have been heavily linked to the 37-year-old and it still is to be seen where Ronaldo will be playing his football next year.  

It is more than likely that won't be at Old Trafford.