'I am going to hurt Katie Taylor' claims Cameron

'I am going to hurt Katie Taylor' claims Cameron

Northampton native Chantelle Cameron has said that "she is going to hurt Katie Taylor" ahead of their rematch in Dublin next week. 

Back in May, the pair clashed at Dublin's 3Arena venue, with Northampton fighter Cameron dealing the undefeated Taylor her inaugural defeat in the sport, winning via majority decision. 

Taylor now enters the fight under vastly different circumstances. With her undefeated streak obliterated, the goal now is to show the world that Cameron's win in May was a one-off. 

Cameron understands the pressure is now firmly on the Bray boxer and is grateful that she isn't in Taylor's boxing shoes. 

"I think a lot of people are saying the pressure is on me, but it's not. I think Katie has got all the pressure because we're going back to Dublin; she's running it back a second time, so the pressure is on her side again. I think maybe I wouldn't want to be in her position," Cameron said to Matchroom. 

Cameron also believes that Taylor will have to be at her brilliant best if she has any chance of winning the second bout in Dublin. However she is fully aware of Taylor's power. 

"I have felt Katie's power, and I know she can't hurt me. I take shots to give shots. There were people saying that Katie wasn't the best because of the ring walk, because of this, because of that, it doesn't matter," she added. 

"If I'm on my best night or she is on her worst night, I beat her at the end of the day." 

Winning a second time is also extra important for Cameron as it cements her legacy in the sport and puts any doubts people may have about her to bed for good. This is something that is driving her ahead of the fight. 

Chantelle Cameron, Eddie Hearn, promoter of Matchroom boixng and Katie Taylor pose for a photograph during the Chantelle Cameron v Katie Taylor Press Conference on September 26, 2023 in Dublin, Ireland. (Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images)

"I have got to beat Katie again to make sure I cement it because what I did the first night goes out the window if I lose. I will go in there with a bit of grip, a bit of beast, and then I'm completely different. 

"I can see why Katie wants to fight me on her own terms, but that's wound me up. I have to come back to Dublin again, give her a second run at a homecoming. I never had a homecoming - you're not putting your belts on the line; this is my legacy, and I feel like I'm being held back a bit because Katie is getting another shot at me again." 

The Englishwoman is now hell-bent on improving on her first performance in Dublin and inflicting major pain on Taylor on November 25. 

"I'm spiteful, I'm horrible, I'm just a completely different fighter, and that's why on 15 November I know that a whole different version of me is about to be in that ring," she said. 

"The excuses are firing me up, and it's got me thinking "do you know what, I'm going to make sure and do a better job this time."

"I'm going to be coming forward, I'm going to be picking my shots, so they are cleaner and harder, I'm going to be dominant and I'm going to be brutal. What's the excuse going to be that time? I am going to hurt Katie Taylor."