"I don’t blame Solskjaer says John Giles for United's poor results

"I don’t blame Solskjaer says John Giles for United's poor results

JOHN GILES has said that he doesn't blame Solskjaer for the mess United are in after the club were humiliated for the second time in 2 weeks to Manchester City and Liverpool. 

Giles gave an interview to OTB Sports in Ireland stating that the United boss is an easy target for the United fans.

Giles believes the hierarchy of the club should take the blame for United's poor form. 

United had 32% possession during the City game and had one shot on target. 

"I don’t blame Solskjaer. He played in Norway in a mediocre league. I think whoever is behind the scenes wants Solskjaer there.

"They want Solskjaer because they can tell him what to do."

Giles also pointed out a lack of leadership among the ranks is costing United and that is a major issue for the club 

"Players are very sensitive to what's going on. They were a disgrace on Saturday. There's no leadership.

"How do you have morale in a team? By having a manager that creates a team spirit."

"With Klopp, the players know there is no messing with this guy. You need a manager willing to make the big calls, who does what needs to be done. That's a leader."

Giles also mentioned Solskjaer's grip on the club's transfer policy as a major problem within the club.

"Getting rid of the players you don’t want and getting the players you do want is 90% of the job. You have to have control over that. They are a long way off that."

Giles will be inducted into the FAI's Hall of Fame for the second time to mark the 100th anniversary of the organisation. Giles will be presented in front of the sell-out crowd at the Aviva Stadium during halftime of Ireland's game against Portugal.

"It’s great. This is a special thing," Giles said about the induction.

"It's better to have two than none!" Giles chuckled.

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