Johnny Giles finally owns up to hysterical prank on Jack Charlton

Johnny Giles finally owns up to hysterical prank on Jack Charlton

FORMER Ireland footballer Johnny Giles has finally admitted to his involvement in a hilarious prank played on Jack Charlton during their time together at Leeds United.

Charlton, who has since become an honorary Irishman for his achievements as the manager of the Republic of Ireland’s golden years, played his entire career at Leeds from 1952 to 1973.

Giles was at the club between 1963 and 1975, and somewhere along the line Charlton was the victim of a unique prank played out by Giles and other famed players of that era.

Along with Billy Bremner and Allan Clarke, Giles helped build a snowman in the passenger seat of Charlton’s car, and the World Cup winner was far from amused.

When prompted to elaborate on the little-known tale, Giles opened up on Newstalk’s Off The Ball programme, recalling the incident as best he could.

"It would have been the usual [culprits],” he said. “Allan Clarke would have been involved, Billy Bremner and probably myself.

"I would say I would've been involved with it. I can say that now. I would have denied it to Jack at the time.

"I remember putting snow inside his car and he didn't take things very well, Jack. He didn't have a great sense of humour like that," laughed Giles.

"Footballers are a bit immature and having a bit of fun. But there was a lot of that going on at different times."

Listen to the interview in full below: