Irish boxer Michael O’Reilly 'robbed' of place in 2016 Olympics

Irish boxer Michael O’Reilly 'robbed' of place in 2016 Olympics

IRISH middleweight Michael O’Reilly believes he has been duped of a place at next summer’s Olympic Games following a “ridiculous” decision at World Championships in Doha.

The Portlaoise boxer suffered a dubious 3-0 loss to Egyptian Hosam Abdin on Wednesday, despite appearing to soak up just one meaningful punch in each of the first two rounds.

Throughout the best-of-three bout and the opening two rounds in particular, O’Reilly appeared to be the busier fighter with a good defence, yet the judges had him losing each round, much to his frustration.

"I’m absolutely gutted myself, I don’t know what went on, it’s just ridiculous. In my mind I was up and won every round easy. I’m still in shock," said a distraught O'Reilly.

Major players in the Irish boxing scene, such as Andy Lee and Paddy Barnes, also registered their disgust at the decision via Twitter, while you can make up your own mind by watching the video above.

On a more positive note, O’Reilly will have two more chances to secure a place at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.