Leo Varadkar 'not impressed' with Daniel Kinahan and Tyson Fury footage in Dubai

Leo Varadkar 'not impressed' with Daniel Kinahan and Tyson Fury footage in Dubai

LEO VARADKAR told reporters on Wednesday that he wasn't impressed with the photograph and video's of Daniel Kinahan with Tyson Fury in Dubai. The photo was shared by former boxer Zaid Khan on Instagram.

The picture in question that has irked the Tanaiste was of the duo smiling as they attended a gym in the United Arab Emirates city.

Varadkar was asked about the pictures and said that an efforts to bring Kinahan to justice is ongoing.

Varadkar speaking to reporters on Wednesday, said:

"I think I had the same reaction as any other citizen would have, obviously I'm not at all impressed to see that photograph, he said

"There has been contact between our authorities and the authorities in the UAE about that matter.

"I don't have an update at the moment but I'll be speaking to the Minister for Justice later on."

Neale Richmond, another Fine Gael TD also spoke about the photo during the week and said:

"No one should be silent on who this man really is.

“As per the Irish courts, Daniel Kinahan is the most notorious mob boss Ireland has seen for years.

“His cartel has heaped misery on the streets of our capital through drugs, terror and murder."

The pair have previous history before and Fury even thanked Kinahan for getting his fight with Anthony Joshua certified, until other factors came into place and stopped the fight.

Fury said:

"I'm just after getting off the phone there with Daniel Kinahan.

"He's just informed me that the biggest fight in British boxing history has just been agreed."

But due to a clause in Deontay Wilder's contract the fight never went ahead.

Amid fury and backlash, Kinahan supposedly “stepped away” from those multi-million euro negotiations.