Limerick GAA have reduced their new €150 training kit to €100 after huge backlash online

Limerick GAA have reduced their new €150 training kit to €100 after huge backlash online

LIMERICK GAA AND O’NEILLS HAVE been slammed by fans for releasing a new training jersey worth €150. 

The new kit released by the All-Ireland champions was launched in a bid to raise funds for the county senior hurlers’ team holiday 

Because of the backlash, the jersey released by O' Neils has now been reduced to €100 

The kit received huge backlash online after the announcement due to the rising costs around the world 

"This recent trend of asking the public to fund team holidays needs to stop! said one Twitter account 

"This is absolutely ridiculous!! Completely tone deaf giving the struggles people are facing with the huge increase of living costs. Paying for them to go to Vegas," said another account 

Limerick GAA released a statement following the outcry stating they felt that price increase was substantial with the rising costs but have now reduced it down by 50 quid.  

“Limerick GAA wish to acknowledge the concerns raised by supporters over the cost of the recently launched Limerick GAA training jersey in a fundraising campaign for the Holiday fund for the Limerick Senior Hurling Team,” the statement reads. 

“Since winning the All-Ireland hurling final and completing the three in-a-row of victories planning has been ongoing to arrange a team holiday for the victorious team, management, backroom team and their partners. This is done as a reward for the hard work and dedication that is involved in winning an All-Ireland title. 

“Players, Management and Backroom teams sacrifice hours of their lives each week in the effort to secure the most coveted medal in the GAA. To this end the team holiday is a reward to the team and their partners  for the sacrifices made. 

“With the cost of international travel increasing the cost of the team holiday to include players, management backroom team and their partners is substantial. Limerick County Board will solely be responsible for paying this cost. To that end the unique opportunity to purchase this special jersey was launched as a fundraiser to offset some of that cost. The team have not traveled on a team holiday so far this year. 

“This one-off jersey will see each subscriber have their name on the jersey which will be worn by the players next season. each subscriber will receive the specially commissioned jersey with their name on the fabric , a beanie hat and a personalized letter from team manager John Kiely and Captain Declan Hannon. 

“When launching the initiative Limerick GAA were cognizant of the current economic situation and have tried to keep the cost at as reasonable base as is possible. However, based on the response from our loyal supporters we have listened to the feedback and to this end we are now confirm that the cost will be reduced to €100. 

“Those who have already purchased at the original price will be refunded the difference and we will be in touch with them in the coming days. 

“Limerick GAA appreciate the huge loyal fanbase that we have and look forward to a successful campaign in 2023.”