Man United fan Conor McGregor says Solskjaer's role needs to be 'rearranged' amid sack fears

Man United fan Conor McGregor says Solskjaer's role needs to be 'rearranged' amid sack fears

CONOR MCGREGOR has offered up a theory to explain to Manchester United's recent on-field woes.

Following their humiliating 5-0 defeat to Liverpool at Old Trafford on Sunday, United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's future hangs in the balance.

McGregor, who is a big United supporter, took to Twitter to suggest ways the team could improve things.

While maintaining that Solskjaer shouldn't be booted out of the club, the UFC star suggested his role be "rearranged" instead ... whatever that means ... and hinted that a more senior figure would be able to command more authority from the players.

"The issue at United is its just [a] bunch of youngfellas talking to each other. Peers," McGregor wrote.

"You need some one above the group chat to take the helm. Ole was on the bench when Ronaldo played. A peer. Not enough.

"Love and respect to Ole to the max but is role need rearranged. My opinion."

When pressed on whether he was 'Ole out' (meaning that he would support Solskjaer's sacking), McGregor replied: "Never Ole out you silly fool.

"Ole is forever United. His role simply needs to be readjusted, and again, someone above the group chart needs brought in.

"Someone to command the young squad. God bless."

In a slightly more crass response, McGregor told another fan who asked the same question: "Your ma and your birds [sic] tits out."

Reports indicate that Solskjaer will be sacked by United if he loses his upcoming match against Tottenham Hotspur, with former Chelsea and Inter Milan boss Antonio Conte is reportedly waiting in the wings should the axe be swung.