Relive Packie Bonner's extraordinary penalty save against Romania

Relive Packie Bonner's extraordinary penalty save against Romania


Packie Bonner is one of Ireland's greatest sporting heroes, and without forgetting the rest of his career, it is largely down to one incredible moment that drove the country wild.

In Italia '90, it all came down to two final penalties. Bonner saved one, David O'Leary scored the next, and the rest is history.

To celebrate his 61st birthday, we're reliving the incredible penalty save that saw Bonner's name written in Irish sporting history forever more.

Just look at the Donegal man's celebrations, it meant as much to him as it did the rest of the country.

It really never gets old...

His birthday also sees Bonner return to the FAI, working as an "independent director" with responsibility for "high performance".

He joins a team comprised of six elected football directors and six independent directors that was ratified at Sunday's FAI EGM.

"Packie has a skill set in the whole high performance aspect of the game," FAI Chairperson Roy Barrett told RTÉ Sport's on Monday.

"Packie will be a director like everyone else with the same responsibilities but he'll bring a fresh perspective.

"He has a deep knowledge of the game, a deep knowledge of the organisation and also, because of his work internationally with UEFA, he has a very high level of knowledge around high performance. That's critical knowledge for the organisation."

Good to have you back in the setup Packie!