Roy Keane has revealed why he turned down the Sunderland job

Roy Keane has revealed why he turned down the Sunderland job

ROY KEANE last week was on the verge of taking over Sunderland for the second time until talks broke down over contract terms. Now the Corkman has given a further insight into why his return to the Stadium of Light didn't happen. 

The former Ireland captain was a guest on Gary Neville's Manchester show The Overlap Live and Keane addressed the rumors and speculation around the breakdown

Alex Neil has now taken the job after Keane's failure to agree financial terms with the club.

Keane in an upbeat mood and mentioned that the wage packet isn't suitable, but ultimately the challenge "wasn't right for him"

“As usual it came down to money, he said

There’s always offers of work, but the deal just didn’t fall into place last week.

“There’s lots of pitfalls as an ex-player, but you’ve got to keep yourself busy. But everything has got to be right, the contract and the challenge."

Keane also claimed that the deal had to be right for everyone and it wasn't meant to be.

"I've said it before. The deal has to be right for everyone.

"It didn't fall into place last week. It wasn't meant to be.

"Everything has to be right. The right challenge. The right contract. You have to fancy it.

'I've not had that opportunity the last few years. There has not been a club where I think, "I'm the right fit for that club."

Keane has talked about getting another job in football and said he would like to return to his gig since Ipswich in 2011, but is relaxed if it does not happen for him.

"If I don't get another chance, it's no big deal. You need a bit of luck. The right club has to give you the call. That hasn't happened. It's no big deal.

"I did ok at Sunderland, it wasn’t easy at Ipswich, but I’d like to get back into management.

“But there’s some brilliant managers out there and it’s not easy.

“But if I don’t get another chance then it’s not the end of the world.”

Some Manchester United fans will happy to know that Keane has no interest in managing his former club due to the nature of the job

“Going abroad would be difficult, but you’ve got to be open-minded about it."

“That’s never going to happen,” he added, of the United question.

“My CV wouldn’t warrant it - it’s as simple as that. The Man Utd job is a tough job.”