Watch Katie McCabe get asked a hilarious question by teammate after 11-0 win

Watch Katie McCabe get asked a hilarious question by teammate after 11-0 win

KATIE McCABE'S stock just keeps rising and rising. The Arsenal star scored a brace last night in Ireland's 11-0 demolition of Georgia and even picked up the Player of the Match on Tuesday. 

Denise O'Sullivan scored a hat-trick and it left a few people asking how this was possible. One of these people asking the question was Ruesha Littlejohn, McCabe's partner and teammate. Littlejohn stopped McCabe's interview with RTE to ask the important question

"Who is picking these Man of the Matches? Is it Katie's mom?" joked Littlejohn.

Ex international Stephanie Roche chose McCabe for RTÉ.

"Just to clear things up, I had picked Denise as POTM and it was a last minute change on the spot," Roche tweeted after the game.

"Denise with a great hat trick but overall Katie was part of everything good for Ireland again tonight, I also thought Katie might get a hat trick towards the end!"

Littlejohn's cheeky outburst was another highlight of the evening and is a sign of the feel-good factor around this Ireland team.

"It was an absolutely brilliant performance from everyone, even the impact the subs made in the second half, we kept up the standard and intensity right throughout," said McCabe.

"Setting a record scoreline here tonight in Tallaght with all these amazing fans that came to see us in the wind and rain, it's an absolutely brilliant night.

"A few of us were around for the 9-0 win against Montenegro when Steph and Áine both got hat-tricks. When we hit nine, I kept telling the girls to push for more. They were absolutely brilliant with their discipline throughout the game, the positioning, it was a really good performance."