WATCH: Petition to put Conor McGregor's face on €1 coins rejected at the Oireachtas

WATCH: Petition to put Conor McGregor's face on €1 coins rejected at the Oireachtas

A PETITION to feature the face of Ireland's UFC star Conor McGregor on €1 coins was deemed ‘inadmissible’ at the Oireachtas on Wednesday.

A short discussion was held over the possibility after petitioner Patrick O’Leary gained ‘considerable public interest’ from his submission in the wake of McGregor’s money-spinning win over former UFC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo last month.

The humorous wording of the petition suggests it was not a serious proposal, and the prospect was dismissed as Mr O’Leary was unable to be contacted when required to discuss the matter further.

His initial petition read as follows:

For a country with such a rich cultural heritage in music, poetry and art we have been very bad at designing coins (a harp? Really guys? That's original) Our failure to mint a half-decent has been proposed, by me, as the main reason why the Celtic Tiger crashed. As evident from various pictures floating around Instagram and Facebook, Irish UFC Champion Conor McGregor has a lot of money. However he is clearly too embarrassed by his countries [sic] coin to keep it here and pay tax on it. The best incentive to get McGregor to start using the euro is to put his face on the coin. This will also encourage foreign billionaires who are fans of fighting, such as Smaug the dragon to convert their vast empires to €1 euro coins. I have no background or prior experience in economics but I feel that this plan can't fail and I talked it over with my publican, who is a successful business owner, and he liked it.

“Our rules are has to be deemed inadmissible,” said a spokesperson at the Oireachtas. Watch the full discussion in the video above.