This Hobbit-inspired Airbnb was voted the 'best place in Ireland to get away from it all'

This Hobbit-inspired Airbnb was voted the 'best place in Ireland to get away from it all'

IF THE commercial rush of Christmas is getting under your skin and you're looking for an escape, well then look no further...

This utterly unique Airbnb in the isolated County Donegal countryside looks like it was inspired by the mythical 'Hobbit Holes' from JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series-- as you can see.

(Cropod Airbnb)

The incredible mountain pod is a perfect blend of contemporary and old Ireland: the pod has everything you'll need, with a double bed, kitchen, bathroom and workspace-- but it's situated in the wilderness, with a beach not too far away.

Plus, you could get some interesting visitors.

The views from the pod are incomparable-- just imagine waking up to this view in the morning.

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But if for some reason you're still not convinced, you don't have to take our word for it-- Donegal's hobbit pods have come highly recommended from several prominent outlets.

It was named the 'Best Place by The Sea' by The Irish Times just a few months ago, and before that was named 'Best Place to Stay' in 2018 by The Irish Independent.

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Plus, The Irish Times named it as the 'Best Place in Ireland to Get Away From it All' in 2017, which, let's face it, is 99% of the reason people go on holidays in the first place-- and it definitely seems like the type of place you could just go to forget about everything but the view.

(Cropod / Airbnb)

The reviews aren't half bad either, with many echoing the sentiments of The Irish Times and agreeing it's the perfect place to take a break away from everythign.

One person desribed the break away in the pod as an "absolutely amazing experience" and said "waking up to the view of the lough from the pod was breathtaking".

If you want to start planning a winter trip away-- well, Donegal isn't exactly known for it's Winter Sun, but this would definitely be a holiday to remember.

You can check out the Donegal Hobbit Pods on the Airbnb Website.