The picturesque Irish village where 'The Quiet Man' was filmed is a must-see for every fan

The picturesque Irish village where 'The Quiet Man' was filmed is a must-see for every fan

IT'S ONE of the best-loved films ever to come out of the Emerald Isle, thanks in no small part to idyllic landscape featured within.

While the movie is set in the village of Inishfree, the real-life location is the quaint village of Cong in County Mayo.

The rolling hills, green fields and rural cottages are very much real, and can still be found in the village today-- even the iconic White O'Morn cottage, with its white stone walls and traditional thatched roof, thanks to a local museum dedicated entirely to the film.

The White O'Morn cottage in 'Inishfree' as it appears in The Quiet Man film

An absolute must for any fan of The Quiet Man visiting Ireland, the Quiet Man Museum in the village of Cong will satiate the appetite of any super-fan.

The museum offers walking tours across the picturesque village and surrounding areas to experience the sights and sounds where the famous film was set and an award-winning shop selling the largest collection of The Quiet Man memorabilia in the world.

The museum itself is an exact replica of the White O’Morn cottage found in the movie, from the furnishings, artefacts and costumes to the the four poster bed, tables and chairs, thatched roof, emerald green half door and white washed front known across the world thanks to the iconic movie.

The Quiet Man Museum, Cong, County Mayo

There are also special daily screenings of the film itself, held in the Museum Cinema inside the iconic White O'Morn cottage-- perfect for a rainy day, of which Ireland has many.

The ever-popular walking tour brings visitors to both scenes where the film was shot: Innisfree, the Pat Cohan’s Bar, the Dying Man’s house, the Reverend Playfair’s House, the courting scenes, the fight scenes, the patty fingers in the Holy water scenes.

It also introduces visitors to the legacy the film left behind in the village of Cong such as The Quiet Man commemorative statute bearing the likeness of John Wayne carrying Maureen O'Hara from the famous cover-- and unsurprisingly, those on the walking tour have been known to act it out!


The Quiet Man commemorative statue in the village of Cong, County Mayo (Image: The Quiet Man Museum / Facebook)

After a long day of film-watching, exploring, walking and gift-shopping, the day can be laid to rest in the village's Quiet Man B&B, nestled in the idyllic countryside a mile from the village.

The rooms are named after the characters, the staff are fans of the film-- and you can even peruse one of the largest-ever collections of Quiet Man memorabilia in the world as you settle in for your stay in the popular B&B.

The Quiet Man Museum celebrates 100 years since Maureen O'Hara's birth with a photograph at the statue in the village of Cong (Facebook)

While Ireland remains under strict measures to combat the spread of Covid-19, the Quiet Man Museum is eager to welcome back fans of the iconic film as soon as possible-- you can follow updates on their Facebook page (here) or learn more about the museum on the official website (here).

Of course, there's plenty more to do in County Mayo-- the county is enormous, and full of rugged and wild landscapes, breathtakingly beautiful islands, the holiest mountain in Ireland and more fantastic pubs and restaurants than you could shake your woolen flat cap at!

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