Irish music app Soundwave launched by Stephen Fry

Irish music app Soundwave launched by Stephen Fry

A NEW music-discovery app built by a Dublin-based start-up was launched last week at London’s flagship Apple store by actor Stephen Fry.

Soundwave app, which went live on iPhone and Android late last week, allows users to share music they are listening to on their phone.

The Dublin-based company is the former participant in NDRC’s LaunchPad accelerator programme.

Fry was part of a group of people that helped test an early version of the app.

That group includes Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak while

At the event, Stephen Fry praised the usability of the app over

Earlier this month Wozniak described the app as "a music product that fits my life so perfectly"

The app was built by Brendan O'Driscoll, 25, Aidan Sliney, 28, and Craig Watson, 29.

It was was founded in February 2012 and was part of the National Digital Research Centre LaunchPad programme.

It now employs eight people and is chaired by Aidan O'Driscoll, an accountant and director of Irrus Investments, a Limerick-based group of angel investors.