Belfast boxer Seán McComb tells all in new documentary

Belfast boxer Seán McComb tells all in new documentary

RISING Belfast boxer Seán McComb has allowed the cameras to capture his life inside and outside of the ring over a three-year period.

In a new documentary for TG4 and BBC Gaeilge, viewers get to watch the highs and lows of that journey as McComb set out on his pursuit of winning a professional title.

The hour-long film offers behind-the-scenes access to the Irishman’s gruelling training regime and captures the action before, during and after his fights.

Seán McComb has granted full access to his life for the documentary

It also captures some momentous changes that occurred in his personal life during the period of filming.

Viewers get to see McComb as he trains in Glasgow with fellow boxers Tyrone McKenna, Tyrone McCullough and Paddy Barnes and join him as he walks, Pied-Piper like, from his nearby home in West Belfast to be greeted by thousands more fans at his big fight in 2019 in Falls Park at Féile an Phobail.

CIOTÓG also captures the boxer's experience of the Covid-19 pandemic, when his professional life was forced to take a back seat but made way for new beginnings in his personal life as he and his fiancée welcomed their first child.

Dearbhlá, Seán's fiancée, features in Ciotóg

McComb talks openly in the film about what boxing has meant to him and his family, how he found growing up in West Belfast, his hopes for the future and why he feels it is important that he gives back to his community.

The programme also spends time with McCombe's fiancée, Dearbhlá, family, friends and fellow boxers who each give a picture of the man behind the gloves as he makes his way from amateur local boxing hero to a professional title contender.

CIOTÓG will air on TG4 and be available on TG4 player from 9.30pm on April 26.