Colin Farrell confirmed to play The Penguin in upcoming Batman movie

Colin Farrell confirmed to play The Penguin in upcoming Batman movie


After months of speculation that one of Ireland's most prominent actors would be stepping up to play iconic Batman villain The Penguin, the news was finally confirmed today.

The Batman director Matt Reeves took to Twitter  where he posted a gif of Colin Farrell alongside the caption "Wait -- is that you, #Oz?", a nod to the villanous character's real name, Oswald Cobblepot.

The confirmation means Farrell is set to join big names such as Robert Pattinson (Bruce Wayne / Batman) and Zoe Kravitz (Catwoman) in the film, which is set for a 2021 release.

The Dublin-born actor had earlier been spotted on set of The Batman, which is being filmed in London, and leaked photos of Farrell may have prompted director Reeves to end the speculation once and for all.

Fans of the series reacted positively to the news, with one man claiming "I've never been more excited about a Batman movie in my entire life".

"Casting is looking amazing so far," one fan posted, adding "I as well as comic book fans everywhere are rooting for you".

And one excited fan simply said "YES KING I LOVE YOU".

Specific details about the upcoming superhero film are still being kept tightly under wraps, but Reeves has said that the production will take inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock.

So far, so good-- we can't wait to see this.