Georgia Salpa on being voted one of the world’s sexiest women

Georgia Salpa on being voted one of the world’s sexiest women

STUNNING Irish model Georgia Salpa is celebrating after landing a lucrative new contract to be the face and body of lingerie designer Alexis Smith.

The 28-year-old replaces Jess Wright from TV’s The Only Way is Essex as the brand’s model, just weeks after being voted as one of the sexiest women in the world by FHM magazine.

It has been a fantastic few weeks for the Dublin-based beauty who is adored by tabloids and magazines on both sides of the Irish Sea.

Salpa said this week that she is “thrilled” to have been chosen by Smith to work on her new range for 2014 and beyond.

“I’m delighted to be named as the face of Alexis Smith,” said Salpa. “It’s a gorgeous line and I love the underwear. It’s so great to be working with Alexis too!

“It’s a great brand that caters to all shapes and sizes. The underwear is really sexy, but it’s also comfortable too. It’s ideal for girls with bigger busts and smaller backs.”

Readers of FHM magazine voted Salpa as the 25th sexiest woman in the world in their recent poll (Jennifer Lawrence came in at No.1) something the half-Greek stunner says she was “thrilled” about.

You might imagine some models would take such an overwhelming endorsement of their beauty and look as simply par for the course, but Salpa is quite grounded about it all and the press attention that inevitably followed.

She said: “I was delighted and flattered. What an honour to be amongst all those gorgeous women! I think all women should feel comfortable and confident in themselves. That’s what’s sexy. Everyone is different. I don’t think one certain ‘look’ is the way to look.”

As Salpa’s fame continues to grow in the UK, many women will be wondering just how to do you get a body like hers? And some will be surprised to learn that she doesn’t live in the gym or spend endless hours exercising or fretting about her diet.

“I don’t work out too much. I do weight training and I also like Pilates. I don’t really do any cardio work because I’m naturally thin and I lose too much weight doing cardio.”

Salpa has embraced social media over the past couple of years and built up a substantial following of fans around the globe, earning a reputation in the process of being one of the highest profile sharers of the so-called ‘sexy selfie’.

But she revealed that social media is something she’s into for fashion reasons only and not to follow celebrity tittle-tattle.

“I love Instagram (the online picture-sharing service). I like looking at fashion and gorgeous girls. I’m not interested in knowing about people’s personal lives.”

Salpa acknowledges that her ever-increasing profile is now helping to fly the flag for aspiring young Irish models who have watched as she has gone from success to success.

She added: “I love Ireland and Irish models are fab! A lot of them are my best friends and they are the nicest girls you will ever meet.”

Salpa has a huge year ahead now, focusing not only on her modelling career but also on her forthcoming wedding to fiance Joe Penna, a billionaire hedge fund manager.

And if her career keeps progressing at this rate you can bet that when FHM magazine gets around to compiling its top 100 women of 2015, Georgia Salpa will be a lot higher than No.25!