All hail the spud: You can now send anonymous messages to your friends via potato

All hail the spud: You can now send anonymous messages to your friends via potato

YOU KNOW that frustrating moment when you’re writing a letter and you run out of spuds?

You might not have thought of the correlation here before—but one business did.

A US company called Christian Book and Toys have created a product to fill the gap in a market that we never knew existed. You’ve heard of a message in a bottle, now get ready for… a message on a spud.

Christian Book and Toys LLC


The (ingenious? Ridiculous?) idea is to send an anonymous message to your friends or family on a spud. It can say anything you want (within reason) and can include illustrations. But if you don’t give instructions on what the potato should say, it will be delivered with the simple message “Here’s your potato”.


Simple yet effective.

Christian Book and Toys LLC

The gag gift, while weird and completely unnecessary, is proving to be a hit with customers, because let’s face it—sometimes you just want to be weird for the fun of it.

The sample phrases on the company’s website range from the sweet and unassuming “You’re a real chip off the ol’ block” to the actually rather ominous “unfortunate”.

Christian Book and Toys LLC


But because the world is a bleak place and we can’t have nice things without someone taking it too far, the company have put a warning message on their Amazon description:
“No name calling or bullying. We will cancel any order that comes in that has inappropriate name calling on them.”

Because obviously, if you’ve been blocked on Facebook and Twitter for cyber bullying, the next logical step is bullying via potato.

Unfortunately the service is only available in the US so far, but if there’s a taste for it—excuse the pun—the business should expand overseas.

Just don’t be worried when the potato starts getting weird-looking, like this customer’s did.

Amazon user tlc said the potato reminds her of how Mike's love grows for her every day

At this point you can plant it in the garden and soon you’ll have a whole hoard of potatoes to write messages on.


You can order your message on a spud on the company’s Amazon page here.