A countdown of 7 more brutal Irish insults to abuse your friends with

A countdown of 7 more brutal Irish insults to abuse your friends with

Last month we gifted ye with 10 of the best insults to be found in Ireland, and we thought it was time to give ye a few more.

Why? Because it's fun, ya big eejit.

So without futher ado...


7 Scuttering gobshite

(Pronounced ‘shcutterin’ gobshite for ultimate derision)

We covered ‘gobshite’ in our last list of Irish insults, but being a gobshite is a very different thing to being a scuttering gobshite. Gob means mouth, shite means—well, shite, and scutter means… diarrhoea. Disgusting stuff.

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6 Holy Show

“Would you goway ya scutterin’ gobshite, you’re making a holy show of yourself!”

Basically you’re embarrassing yourself and everyone around you. Get a hold of yourself, you holy show.

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5 Blaggard

You’re a messer, and your messing is ruining it for everyone else. If you went to an Irish school you’ve probably heard the teacher asking the blaggard of the class, in a long-suffering tone, to ‘stop blaggarding!’.

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4 Mog

Short, sweet but severe. “Wouldju shut up, you mog!”

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3 Langer

A Cork staple, this insult was so popular that there was a whole song written about it—and it’s about as catchy as you might expect.

“A langer, a langer, in Cork he’d be known as a langer!”

2 Aonchuck / Oinseach

Pronouced Ownchuck or Ainchuck depending on where in the country you are where you hear it. This one isn’t used as much as other classic Irish insults, which is a shame because … well, it's feckin' great, ya Oinseach.

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1 Ye bleedin’ thick

Pure Dublin. You do not want to be called a bleedin’ tick while in the capital city. You might hear it if you ask a local where Temple Bar is… while standing in the middle of Temple Bar.

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