Holly Willoughby finally speaks about Ant Mc Partlin's arrest

Holly Willoughby finally speaks about Ant Mc Partlin's arrest

THE TV PRESENTER has spoken for the first time on her friend Ant McPartlin's current situation.

Holly Willoughby has given her thoughts on Ant McPartlin's recent arrest.

McPartlin stepped down from his TV commitments “for the foreseeable future” after being charged with a drink driving offence following a collision.

The day after the arrest, Holly Willoughby and co-host Philip Schofield were criticised for not mentioning their friend's incident on their news show, This Morning.

Speaking to The Guardian, Willoughby said that she wasn't deliberately trying to avoid the topic on that morning's broadcast: "Not at all. Everybody knows that Ant is a very good friend of mine and I’ve known him for a very long time"

She said that it wasn't something up for debate in her eyes: "To be honest, on that first day, nobody knew what had happened, and you know, it’s an ongoing police case right now. It’s not something anybody should be talking about."

Willoughby said that she had to respect her friendship to Ant by keeping out of the situation: "Out of respect for him, I love him to bits, it’s not something that I find very easy to talk about. Because it’s a friend. His is not my story to tell...He’s just got to look after himself, that’s all."