Furious Irish dad thinks up inventive iPhone punishment after son trashes the house

Furious Irish dad thinks up inventive iPhone punishment after son trashes the house

MOST teenagers take advantage of having the house to themselves when their parents are away, but one Irish father got creative with the punishment after coming home to a trashed house. 

Cork dad Karl, who lives in Mallow, was less than impressed by the mess his son and his son's friends made, so he confiscated his treasured iPhone5C and listed it for sale on DoneDeal.

Karl had a bit of fun at his son's expense, putting the phone's selling price at €9000.

The irate dad details how his son was left alone on a Saturday night and invited some friends over. They caused a giant mess, but Karl was most upset when he found out his son was smoking.

Despite the hefty €9000 price tag, over 63,000 people have viewed the online ad.

His son has been "grounded until further notice" writes Karl, and the punishment, if he is ever caught smoking again, is even worse.

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Lovely phone for sale lads. Lovely. Absolutely breath-taking in design and quality. So the young fella was left alone there Saturday night and decided to invite over some of his hormonal and greasy friends for a session. Aaaahhhh 'twas a great night by all accounts. My son is now being labelled a "Legend" and for this reason I have taken his phone off him. I have two options: Option 1 I can sell the phone to buy some wipes, dettol solution, bottles of cif and general janitorial items to clean up the mess caused by those uneducated amoebas who called to the house that night and who thought they were great shur...... or Option 2 I go out the back and drop kick it over the wall I've kicked his **** for him and he is grounded until further notice. He can also now piss off and invest in a hamster or carrier pigeon to communicate. I also found out that the son was smoking which I've informed him, if it happens again, will take a team of surgeons to remove that fag from his arse..... Quick sale lads