‘It was a labour of love’ author admits as new book on St Brigid released

‘It was a labour of love’ author admits as new book on St Brigid released

THE author of a new book which tells the story of St Brigid from the viewpoint of the iconic Irish saint has revealed it is a “tribute to her enduring spirit”.

Released today, on the annual feast day of St Brigid, Emma-Jane Leeson’s book I am Brigid weaves a narrative that intertwines the historical and mythical realms of Saint Brigid of Kildare and the ancient Celtic Goddess, Brigid.

The Kildare-based author, who is famed for her children’s book series The Adventures of Johnny Magory, spent a year immersed in research, writing, and illustration to complete her teenage/adult illustrated novel on Ireland’s only female patron saint.

Author Emma-Jane Leeson

"This book is a labour of love, a tribute to the enduring spirit of Brigid, and a celebration of Kildare's rich heritage,” Leeson explained

“I am grateful for the support of Kildare County Council and thrilled to share this journey with readers on Saint Brigid's Day,” she added.

The book received financial support from Kildare County Council's Brigid 1500 Fund.

This month the council is celebrating the 1500-year anniversary of the death of St Brigid with a series of events and activities planned in celebration of the Kildare woman.

Leeson’s tale is written from Brigid’s point of view and unfolds against the backdrop of Kildare, Leeson's home county, creating a vivid tapestry that spans five thousand years of Brigid's enduring legacy.

The new book is released today

“Leeson, known for her meticulous storytelling, delves deep into the essence of one of Ireland’s most iconic women,” her publishers explain.

“Readers will be transported through time, from the sacred well of Kildare to the ethereal landscapes of the Boyne valley and beyond where the Goddess Brigid once walked.”

I am Brigid is released today, to mark Saint Brigid's Day. It is available to order here.