James Nesbitt stars in new BBC drama The Missing

James Nesbitt stars in new BBC drama The Missing

ACTOR James Nesbitt will play Tony Hughes in a new BBC One thriller, The Missing.

Airing on October 28 the show centres around the disappearance of five-year-old Oliver while on holiday with his family in France, setting off a manhunt that will last for years.

Nesbitt plays a father desperate to find his lost son.

Written by Harry and Jack Williams and directed by Tom Shankland, Nesbitt said he was “blown away” by the script and “knew it was something I had to do.”

Australian actress and star of ITV’s Mr. Selfridge Frances O’Connor plays Nesbitt’s wife in the new drama and Nesbitt says working with O’Connor was rewarding.

“She is very detailed and a brilliantly truthful actress... she has to go into pretty dark places and does it with utter commitment, discipline and sacrifice.”