Jamie Dornan BBC series 'The Tourist' renewed for second season

Jamie Dornan BBC series 'The Tourist' renewed for second season

THE TOURIST starring Irish actor Jamie Dornan has been announced as one of four BBC series that will b getting a second season.

Released in January, and with just six episodes, the first season were the most-watched episodes on BBC iPlayer with 12 million viewers.

It follows Dornan as an Irishman in the Australian outback who wakes up in hospital with amnesia. He must then use what few clues he has to discover his identity before his past catches up with him.

The show also stars Shalom Brune-Franklin, Danielle Macdonald and Ólafur Darri Ólafsson.

Season two will also have six episodes and will be a Two Brothers Pictures production and written by BAFTA-nominated and Emmy-winning producers and screenwriters Harry and Jack Williams. They will also serve as executive producers alongside Christopher Aird and Tommy Bulfin for BBC One and iPlayer.

Speaking to Radio Times magazine, the BBC's Chief Content Office Charlotte Moore enthused about the intriguing – and darkly comedic – series and pointed out the impressive viewing figures.

"In its first 30 days, 12 million people watched The Tourist – that’s twice as big as the largest show, Stay Close, on Netflix.

"The power that the BBC has to reach millions of people is far greater than we perhaps realise," she added.

Earlier this month, Dornan said he would "love" to reprise his role for a second season.

The actor told EW that "conversations" were being had about the possibility of more episodes following the success of season one.

Four other series, The Responder, Vigil and Time, have also bee renewed for further seasons.