Love Hate stars reunite for Charlie Haughey TV series

Love Hate stars reunite for Charlie Haughey TV series

AIDEN Gillen and Tom Vaughan Lawlor are to begin filming on a three-part series about disgraced Taoiseach Charles J Haughey next week.

Gillen, who previously starred in The Wire and the first two seasons of Love/Hate, stars as Haughey with Vaughan-Lawlor, who plays Nidge in Love/Hate, playing spin doctor PJ Mara.

Lucy Cohu (Gosford Park) is to play Sunday Independent columnist and Haughey's former lover, Terry Keane.

The drama has a working title of Charlie and covers the period from Haughey’s bid for power in 1979 and chronicles his desperate attempts to hang onto that power until his departure from politics in 1992.

Love Hate, Love/Hate Tom Vaughan-Lawlor and Aiden Gillen in Love/Hate

The 45-strong cast also includes Gavin O’Connor, Risteard Cooper, Peter O’ Meara, Frankie McCafferty and Love/Hate's Laurence Kinlan in other keys roles.

The three parter is directed by Kenny Glenaan and Charlie McCarthy.

Filming will last for nine weeks and the series will be broadcast in 2014.