Ten minutes with… Pat Kinevane

Ten minutes with… Pat Kinevane

PAT Kinevane is one Ireland’s favourite actors. He has worked as an actor in theatre, film, radio and television for the past 20 years. His previous plays for Fishamble include The Nun’s Wood, The Plains of Enna, Forgotten and Underneath. Other acting credits include King Arthur, Ballykissangel and I Keano

What are you up to right now?   

Drinking tea answering this question. 

Who are your heroes?  

All those who fight for those who cannot.

What’s been the best decade of your life so far and why? 

This one because I am daily surprised that I am still here. 

What record sends a shiver down your spine? 

They Dance Alone by Sting

What is your favourite place in Ireland? 

Right now it’s a toss up between Inis Oirr way out on the Aran Isles or sitting in front of the telly on my favourite chair in Santry, Dublin. 

What makes you angry?  

I have a lot of channels on my telly and yet most are terrible. 

What book influenced you most?  

Awareness by Anthony De Mello

Pat-Kinevane-in-Fishamble's-Silent.-Photo-by-Marina-Levitina-2 Pat Kinevane in Fishamble's Silent (Photo by Marina Levitina)

What was the worst moment of your life? 

There have been a few worst moments, dark days and nasty encounters. They all were equally stunning. I wont pick one in particular - that would be giving it a specific power. To hell with them all! 

Which local star in any field should the world outside Ireland know about?

There’s a couple who run a B&B in Killorglin Co. Kerry, just on the main bridge, and they are the best hosts in the world.

If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be? 

I wouldn’t change a thing. I am constantly grateful for every moment of my life, good and bad.

Can you recommend an interesting website?   

Any one that champions The Wild Atlantic Way on the west coast — I think it is going to be a huge magnet for tourists in the future.

What is the best lesson life has taught you?  

Everything passes — nothing remains the same.

What is your favourite film and why?

The Shawshank Redemption — because it clears out my tear tank every now and then and that can only be healthy!

(Photo by Marina Levitina) (Photo by Marina Levitina)

What do you believe in?  

The power of love.

What trait do others criticise you for?  

I don’t know and don’t care. 

Where do you live and what are the best and worst things about that place?

Dublin. Best thing is the people here — worst thing is the quality of the air.  

On what occasion is it OK to lie?  

When Enda Kenny invites you to dinner and you say that you’re very busy digging up your front garden to repair your water pipes because nobody else will. 

What do you consider the greatest work of art? 

The human body.

What is your ultimate guilty pleasure? 

Tortilla chips with melted cheddar cheese. 

Who is the love of your life? 

My family and close friends.