VIDEO: Martin Finn speaks through song on Late Late Show

VIDEO: Martin Finn speaks through song on Late Late Show

A MANCHESTER Irishman who only speaks in song made a special performance on The Late Late Show on Friday night.

Martin Finn’s autism is so severe that he is unable to talk in full sentences but he has an astonishing recall of songs which he performs note perfectly on the Midlands' club scene.

He shared his inimitable talent with RTÉ viewers on Friday night with his parents John and Norma also joining him on the popular show fronted by Ryan Tubridy.

The 22-year-old’s story came to prominence in a feature in The Irish Post in March, where his father John - from Lisdoonvarna – disclosed his fears for Martin’s future.

“We just can’t afford to get ill,” he said. “Martin wouldn’t understand why one of us is missing. It’s frightening.


“If he could produce a CD or something then the music would help him when we are not around.”

Following Martin’s Late Late Show appearance this month John is now hopeful they may achieve their goal.

“It’s hard to believe he did the show – great stuff really. It was a great opportunity for Martin,” John said.

“The problem isn’t that Martin is non-verbal – he has words but he just can’t put meaning to them. “He is a two-year-old in his mind really. The exceptional thing is the chasm between his disability and his ability.”