WATCH: Irish boy's gift of €100 note tied to balloon floats away as family lose the plot

WATCH: Irish boy's gift of €100 note tied to balloon floats away as family lose the plot

THIS IS a story that will be told and retold at family gatherings for the next fifty years.

We all remember the joy of being a child on your Communion or Confirmation, when you get given a card and see the €10 or €20-- or even the fabled €50-- note inside.

It's more money than you've ever seen in your life, and in your head you're the richest person in the world.

What we don't all know the feeling of is seeing that money immediately floating away into the sky, never to be seen again-- but that's just what happened to this Dublin boy.

In a video posted to Twitter by popular account Dubs Life, a youngster celebrating his Communion can be seen untying a bow from a gold-coloured balloon, a gift from his grandparents.

Family members sit around filming the moment, obviously aware that there is a special gift tied to the end of the balloon-- a crisp €100 note.

Unfortunately, the little boy did not know this-- and as soon as he unwraps the bow, the balloon flies up into the air, the €100 note fluttering in the wind as it disappears out of sight.

It's likely the balloon was tied to the bottom of the box but snapped as soon as the bow was unwrapped, leading to the at-once awful-but-hilarious scene below...

The other partygoers lose the plot, gasping and shrieking-- with some horrified laughter-- as one person cries "A hundred euro!" and another man goes "You're messing!".

The Communion boy, still blissfully unaware of what has actually just happened, hears the word "hundred euro" and looks hopefully into the box the balloon has just flown from-- but the video ends before his reaction can be captured.

Losing €100 will definitely hurt for a while, but the story itself is priceless.