WATCH: Rescued dog stars in Irish animal charity's brilliant Star Wars-inspired adoption video

WATCH: Rescued dog stars in Irish animal charity's brilliant Star Wars-inspired adoption video

HE'S A talented actor and a Star Wars fan-- and he's looking for a forever home.

Today, 4 May, is the official Star Wars Day-- May the Fourth be with you!-- and an Irish animal charity has released a brilliant and unique video to mark the occasion.

The country's largest dog welfare charity, Dog Trust Ireland rescue, rehabilitate and rehome hundreds of dogs each year, from abandoned puppies to neglected or abused hounds, or taking in pups whose owners simply cannot care for them any longer.

One of the charity's beautiful dogs, Shep, is a big Star Wars fan-- his kennel is kitted out with posters and toys of the popular franchise, and today Shep got to 'star' in a very special Star Wars video of his own.

In the hopes of finding Shep a forever home, the creative staff members of Dogs Trust created a brilliant video showing Shep dreaming about being broken out of his kennel by Luke Skywalker disguised as a Storm Trooper-- the pair run through the building and out to the car park, where an R2 Unit is waiting to bring them on a great adventure.

But, as the charity says, you don't need an R2 Unit to make Shep's dream come true-- you just need to be willing to give him a loving home and all the love and attention the pup needs and deserves.

The reaction to Shep's Star Wars video has been hugely positive, with many commenting that they'd like to adopt the young Jedi or tagging friends they think would be interested-- particularly fans of the film franchise.

According to Dogs Trust, Shep really is a fan of the Star Wars movies-- "Every time we get a donation of a Star Wars soft toy or blanket, Shep insists that his favourite Canine Carer brings it straight to his kennel!" a staff member revealed.

"He’s even asked her to bring some posters in too!"

To enquire about Shep or any of the wonderful dogs in Dogs Trust's care, or just to keep up with their great work, you can follow them on Facebook (here) or their website here.