Vegetarians are 'bigger love cheats' than meat eaters
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Vegetarians are 'bigger love cheats' than meat eaters

VEGETARIANS ARE more likely to be love cheats than their meat-eating counterparts.

That’s according to new food-based research which shows just over four out of 10 veggies (42%) surveyed have engaged in affairs, compared with just 31% of carnivores.

It gets worse – apparently, vegetarians tend to sleep with new partners more quickly than meat-eaters too.

The study also revealed that veggies have sex for the first time with a new partner after an average of 2.7 dates, compared to 3.3 dates for carnivores.

Interestingly, 67% of vegetarians said they would sleep with a meat-eater if they were attracted to them, despite being uncomfortable about their food choices.


By contrast, just 15% of vegans would have sex with a meat-eater.

The findings came as part of a new survey from, the dating website for married people.

A total of 2,000 people were polled (1,000 meat-eaters and 1,000 vegetarians and vegans) to uncover these dating preferences.

Carnivores came out looking much more relaxed when it came to the eating habits of their lovers.

The vast majority (96%) said they would not be put off someone if they were vegetarian and 92% were happy to date a vegan.

Almost all vegetarians and vegans (92%) said they would be happier dating someone who didn’t eat meat though.

Yet only 32% of meat-eaters expressly preferred a potential partner to be a carnivore, too.


Commenting on the data, spokesperson Christian Grant suggested vegetarians might be better suited to affairs, based on the findings presented.

“The reason why is that vegetarians can often be better communicators and are more comfortable sharing their feelings than meat-eaters,” he said.