This Environmentally Friendly Beer Has Been Made Using Toilet Water
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This Environmentally Friendly Beer Has Been Made Using Toilet Water

A NEW environmentally friendly beer is grabbing the headlines in its native Sweden thanks to one rather unique brewing quirk: it’s made using recycled water.

That’s right: PU:REST is the country’s first beer to be made using what is more commonly known as toilet water - but try not to think too much about that.

After all, it’s perfectly safe to drink with the water used in the brewing process passing through a long purification process.

PU:REST has been created to highlight the possibilities on offer to anyone embracing sustainable water management technologies.

The product of a collaboration between the New Carnegie Brewery, IVL Swedish Environmental Institute and Carlsberg Sweden, it’s already available in Stockholm.

That's only the start though, with further plans in place to roll the beer out at restaurants in the region and several local music festivals.


A pilsner possessing the necessary clean and crisp taste, the beer challenges the standard view on sewage water, which dictates it is tainted, dirty and not drinkable.

The purification processes mean that PU:REST is as drinkable and hygienic as any beer on offer via tap from your average pub or bar though.

The environmental focus is part of an ongoing focus on sustainability at New Carnegie Brewery.

Brewmaster Chris Thurgeson says: "We always try to find climate-friendly solutions in our brewery. For example, some of our spent grain has been converted into biogas, we use green electricity in the brewery, and we sort food waste in our restaurant."

This is only the latest beer-based creation to come out of Sweden, following on from a special beer designed specifically for necking in the shower.

It’s nice to see that the Scandinavians have got their priorities sorted.