These 9 beloved 1980s toys are now worth some serious money
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These 9 beloved 1980s toys are now worth some serious money

THE 1980s was a glorious decade to grow up in.

There were no smartphones, no internet and television were restricted to just three channels, or maybe even four if you were very lucky.

And if you were fortunate enough to be born in the decade of big hair and naff pop beats, the chances are you grew up playing with some great toys too with everything from He-Man to the first ever Nintendo Entertainment System offering hours of fun. What you may not realise though is that some of these beloved 80s toys are actually worth a fair bit now.

In fact, here are nine toys worth some serious money now – is any of this stuff lurking in your attic?

9. Savage He-Man

Savage He-Man.

This He-Man toy may look a little basic, but that's exactly why it's worth around £80 (€90) today.

Mattel actually pulled the toy from the shelves following poor sales, which makes it something of a rarity for collectors all these years later.


8. Laser Power He-Man/Skeletor Set

More He-Man toys.

This iconic toy pairing might seem like it was pretty commonplace, but the laser power He-Man and Laser Light Skeletor are both quite rare.

The quality of "laser" effect was pretty bad on both toys and, because so many customers complained about them breaking so easily, Mattel eventually ceased production.

The sets now sell for as much as £115 (€130) online.


7. The Nintendo Entertainment System

The Nintendo Entertainment System.

Though it might seem hard to believe, given the recent arrival of the NES mini, an original boxed version of the first Nintendo Entertainment System can sell for around £150 (€170).

A boxed NES with the original NES zapper, meanwhile, is even more valuable at around £500(€570)!

6. She-Ra and Swift Wind Action Figurine

She-Ra and Swift Wind Action Figurines

This She-Ra and Swift Wind Action Figurine set is worth more than both of the previous He-Man toys combined, with well-looked after editions selling for as much as £200(€225).


5. A Garbage Pail Kids Cards Collection

Garbage Pail Kids.

These twisted takes on the Cabbage Patch Kids phenomenon were big business back in the day and even spawned their own, virtually unwatchable, movie.

A good collection of the trading cards can fetch around £200 (€225) on today's market though while the much sought after "Adam Bomb" card sells for £1,000 (€1,135) on its own.


4. Thunder Wings Lion-O

Thunder Wings Lion-O.

This Thunder Wings version of Thundercats hero Lion-O is pretty hard to come by.

No wonder it sells for as much as £350 (€400) a pop on eBay.


3. Teddy Ruxpin (Boxed)

Teddy Ruxpin.

Teddy Ruxpin was the talking teddy everyone wanted back in the 1980s.

You simply had to pop a cassette tape into his back - remember cassette tapes? - and he would sing songs and read stories.

A boxed version of this cuddly bear will bring you £400 (€450) on today's collectables market.


2. The G.I. Joe General Vehicle

G.I. Joe toys.

The G.I. Joe General Vehicle was first released in 1990 and included Major Storm, the driver, and an awesome Locust Helicopter.

Since being discontinued in 1992, it's value has skyrocketed to around £600(€680).


1. The Real Ghostbusters Figurines

Ghostbusters toys.

Not to be confused with the films, these toys relate to the long-running cartoon series, The Real Ghostbusters.

If you happen to have a complete set of the fabulous foursome, then you could be looking at a windfall of around £1,000(€1,135).

There could be even better news if you have the Janine Melnitz toy.

She played the Ghostbusters' long-suffering secretary and her action figure is worth potentially double the amount a collector would pay for the entire set!