Read 'Fly', the inspiring poem by vulnerable Manchester Irishman Oliver Moran
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Read 'Fly', the inspiring poem by vulnerable Manchester Irishman Oliver Moran


Have a sneak peak inside the new poetry collection 'out of my mind' by unlikely poet Oliver Moran.

The Irish Post reported how Moran was helped by a policeman to publish his first book of poetry after going missing from a care home in Moston.

Mr Moran, whose father hailed from Ireland, suffers from mental health problems and was found at his mother’s house in Fallowfield when he left the Brierley Court care home in Moston.

The police officers who found him were shocked when Moran recited verses of his own poetry on the drive back to the care home.

One of the officers, PC Paul Davies, was so impressed that went on to publish a book of Moran's poetry through his own publishing firm MJD Publishing.

Read ‘Fly’ one of the touching poems from his new book here…


I wish I could fly up high in the sky,

my wings interlaced with the air.

I would swoop from above

and the view I would love.

If I could, I would fly everywhere.


I would stand on the edge of a cliff or a ledge

and the wind in the sky I’d possess.

Oh the world would be good,

yes I’d fly if I could,

then my life wouldn’t be such a mess.


Out of my mind -The muses of an unlikely poet by Oliver Moran is now available from and priced at £5.99.

At least £1 from every sale will go to MIND, a charity dedicated to supporting those suffering with mental health issues, with any extra profit going to Mr Moran.