‘Boisterous and energetic’ Northern Irish dog wins most mischievous pet competition
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‘Boisterous and energetic’ Northern Irish dog wins most mischievous pet competition

A GREAT DANE in Northern Ireland has won a competition designed to find the most mischievous pet.

After a tough selection process, which saw owners send in photos of their prized pets, the playful pup Teddy, from Larne in Co. Antrim, has been crowned the winner.

Descrbed as ‘boisterous and energetic’ Teddy’s photograph, captured by owner Chris Jordan, shows his notorious talent for stealing household items - with his owner confirming that unattended shoes and milk cartons from the recycling bin his particular favourites.

Winner Teddy, a Great Dane from Larne in Northern

“He is renowned for taking things from around the house and claiming them as his own,” Mr Jordan explained.

“I was trying to take a picture of the family but managed to catch him in the act of triumphantly trotting off with my wife’s shoe,” he added.

“He certainly knows how to steal the show.”

Truffle, a Cockatiel from Leeds, was a finalist in the competition

Mr Jordan wins a Petcube Pet Camera and a pet photoshoot with international award-winning dog photographer, Cat Race.

Organised by the photographic retailer, Wex Photo Video finalists in the UK’s Most Mischievous Pet competition included a Cockatiel sneaking away with a piece of lego, a dog caught shredding a pillow and a cat clinging onto a rail for dear life after the curtains gave way.

This cat from Atherston was also in the competition final

Paul Wareham, Marketing Director at Wex Photo Video said:  “We were really impressed, and amused, at the level of mischief displayed by all the pets in the competition, but Teddy’s cunning shoe-stealing skills and the beautiful resulting photograph by his owner proved him a worthy winner.

"The overwhelming response we had to the competition highlights the deep bond we form with our pets – and how the perfect photo can capture their playful characters.”