Everything you need to celebrate St Patrick’s Day can be found in this box
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Everything you need to celebrate St Patrick’s Day can be found in this box

THE new brand that brought us the ultimate Irish care package has just released two new versions of their popular boxes of goodness.

The Paddy Box have launched two new delivery options, namely the Paddy’s Day Box and The Easter Box, which add to their hugely popular nostalgic offering.

An Irish company, The Paddy Box offers a wide selection of care packages aimed at the Irish living abroad who miss home.

“Each box option encapsulates our unique Irish culture and affection for instantly recognisable Irish products,” they said this week.

“These two new box additions have been designed to quench the homesick feelings of Irish living away from home on these two standout Irish calendar moments.”


Both of the new boxes come jam-packed with Irish treats representing the national holidays enjoyed in Ireland.

The Paddy's Day Box

For those living abroad at these special times, they bring an extra significance.

The team at The Paddy Box explain: “St. Patrick’s Day is a world-renowned celebration of Ireland, our heritage and our culture. The day itself has become synonymous with particular items that represent our “Irishness” and these items are all included within the ‘Paddy’s Day Box’.

“From Paddy’s Day hats, Irish face paint, Irish flags, to Irish slang books and tea towels with Irish mammy quotes, the ‘Paddy’s Day Box’ has everything to allow Irish abroad feel like they are back at home on March 17th.”

They add: “The package also includes the Irish food essentials missed by everyone, such as Tayto crisps, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Barry’s Tea and Ballymaloe relish.”


They describe their Easter offering as “an Irish chocolate lover’s idea of heaven”.

The Paddy Box's Easter offering

It includes two Cadbury medium Easter eggs, a Cadbury crème egg 5 pack, Cadbury mini egg pack, a Butlers Chocolate Bunny, Jacobs Elite Teacakes, Cadbury Purple Snacks 6 pack and more.

“The Easter Box is an Irish chocolate lover’s idea of heaven, inspired due to recent research results by The Paddy Box which shows that a massive 93 per cent of Irish living abroad prefer Irish chocolate from home over what is available in their current country of residence,” they explain.

Customers can choose from a range of pre-packed, individually themed 10 item boxes, or choose to make their own custom 10 item box, tailoring them specifically for someone they love.

Boxes start from €49.95 and go up to €59.95.


The Paddy Box team hand pack each gift box, input personal notes and “ship with Grá” anywhere in the world.