Fans lead tributes to Kirsty MacColl, who died tragically 20 years ago today
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Fans lead tributes to Kirsty MacColl, who died tragically 20 years ago today

TODAY MARKS 20 years since Ireland lost one of its most beloved voices.

Kirsty MacColl died on this day in the year 2000, leaving behind devastated family, friends and fans.

Best-known for her rousing performance on the Pogues track 'Fairytale of New York', MacColl may be gone two decades ago today, but her voice remains as one of the most recognisable to almost everyone in Ireland-- even those born after her passing.

Kirsty MacColl in the Fairytale of New York music video

The British singer died tragically on 18 December, 2000, while on holiday in Mexico with her partner and young sons; her last moments were ones of sacrifice and heroism, as she pushed her son Jamie out of the way of the speedboat which was hurtling towards them.

Tragically, she was struck by the boat and died instantly after sustaining severe injuries to the chest.

She had sacrificed her own life for her son, who sustained only minor injuries from the collision.

Tributes have been paid to the iconic singer on the 20th anniversary of her death, by those who are still inspired by her today.

Fellow musician Colin Bagley paid tribute to MacColl writing "A brilliant singer songwriter, huge influence and sadly taken way too soon. 20 years ago today."


"It's Kirsty's anniversary. Always remembered," another person wrote, while one man added "I can still remember learning of the news of her death and being dumbstruck in disbelief. [Kirsty MacColl], a life cruelly snatched away way too soon, and a talent missed to this day."

One fan shared a cherished memory of the singer, writing "One of the celebrity deaths that shook me the most. When we lived in London we'd always visit her bench in Soho Square. Will be playing her tunes today."

Writer Lesley-Ann Jones took to Twitter to share a photograph of MacColl, writing:

"I have never stopped feeling sad about the way lovely Kirsty MacColl died, 20 years ago today.

"Thank God for [Fairytale of New York], making her inextricably linked forever with Christmas."


"We lost Kirsty McColl 20 years ago, one man wrote. "A unique, beautiful talent and a legacy of unforgettable songs.

"Sun on the water, always."

Radio presenter Peter Curran said, "Kirsty McColl. 20 years gone, yet always here. How she would have raged beautifully about our times"--


Fan Ben Ripley said "It has been twenty years since the world lost the unique talent of #KirstyMacColl - I shall be listening to her music throughout the day. She is still my favourite singer/songwriter."

Artist 'Mr Markzilla' shared an old portrait he had done of the iconic singer, writing "It's been a difficult 20 years without your beautiful voice singing new songs ...

"I drew this 6 years ago and attached a card and rainbow rose to your bench when I visited Soho Square.


"Still cry when I hear Fairytale, the last song I played before I heard."

Kirsty MacColl may be gone twenty years ago today, but her legacy prevails.